Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween plans.

We're currently getting ready for Saturday's Halloween party. The mantle is decked out, most of the non-Halloween-themed toys are hidden and there is a chill in the air.

For the past four years I've had a marathon leading up to the latest installment of the franchise. Not so this year. Number one, I didn't care that much for Saw IV. Number two, Saw V looks terrible. Granted, each one has looked worse than the last, but I've stuck it out and been pleasantly surprised. Maybe I'll be won over when it comes out on video, but at this point I'm thinking that I'm giving up on Jigsaw until the series is finished (please let it end with next year's Saw VI).

This year has actually been pretty light on my horror traditions. Of course there was the annual viewing of It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and *ahem* Halloween, but I just haven't had time for much else in the way of the classics. I did get to see [REC] (the original, Spanish version of Quarantine) and Them, both of which were fantastic, harking back to a more minimalist approach to horror.

For some reason I really want to see The Strangers again. That one got under my skin and stuck with me ever since I saw it in the theatre. By no means is it a good movie, but it's rare that I see a film so successfully accomplish what it sets out to do.

The season is almost over, and then it's nearly two months of holiday music shoved in my ears. I wish that Halloween could last a little longer.

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