Friday, February 26, 2010

That's what she said.

We have a couple of construction guys over at the house right now to work on the aftermath of a roof leak. They're the nicest guys you would like to meet, but construction talk isn't something with which I am completely familiar.

That said, here are the most unintentionally hilarious statements of the day:

"Gotta have one in that end; 17 inches."

"Don't fill up the hole all the way with that caulk!"

"I'd like her to go down a little more, but I'm afraid to push on her too much."

"Ooh, wow, that's tight! This one's a little too long. It's too hard to get all the way in there."

"It kind of helped when I reamed out that hole on that last one there, but I'm afraid to pump it back up."