Friday, May 21, 2010

Earworm: Sometime to Return

Soul Asylum "Sometime to Return"

I got my very first CD player in 1991. It was a great Christmas. My very first compact discs were Disintegration by the Cure, Diamonds and Pearls by Prince and X by INXS. I already had X on cassette, so I took it back to the store. Using store credit and Christmas money, I picked up the Pump Up the Volume soundtrack and a compilation called Never Mind the Mainstream: The Best of MTV's 120 Minutes, Vol. 1. At this point I was 15 years old and had developed a serious lack of interest in anything that wasn't music. Minneapolis had a great alternative station at the time in KJ104, and I spent nearly every waking minute listening to the radio and trying to find the next great thing. Compilations and soundtracks were a great way to expose myself to a lot of different bands, and still not having cable made a 120 Minutes compilation seem like it was the Holy Grail of my developing musical tastes.

I memorized that album, wearing out a copy and getting a second one a few years later. It introduced me to bands like Sonic Youth and Camper Van Beethoven, but one song in particular stood out, making its way onto many a mix tape. Soul Asylum's "Sometime to Return," featured on the compilation but originally on 1988's Hang Time album was one of my absolute favorites. It was the only Soul Asylum song that I knew until they blew up with the 1992 album Grave Dancer's Union and the drive of the "Runaway Train" single.

Great, now I've got that song stuck in my head.

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