Friday, June 11, 2010

Earworm: Why I Am

I'll admit it. At the beginning of college I went through a phase of listening to whatever everyone else in the dorms liked. I made some bad decisions along the way, but college is all about experimentation, right? Right?

So yeah. Yes, I was one of the many sheep who fell into the trap of listening to Dave Matthews. Mostly it was for the sake of appearances, but I never really listened to his stuff outside of being around other people, so at least I can keep telling myself that. It actually took Alanis Morissette singing on 1998's "Don't Drink the Water" to make me realize that I never wanted anything to do with his music again. It was just a phase. That's all it is. Much like those poor, misguided children who follow the Insane Clown Posse, I just went through a phase of listening to jammy bands. I grew out of it, and learned a valuable lesson. It taught me that groupthink can be a very, very dangerous thing. So no more being a sheep for me. I'll quietly rebel from the sidelines from now on.

Then last night happened. I get into my car after work and "Why I Am" the Dave Matthews Band's 2009 album Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King was playing on the radio. Normally I quickly change the station or turn on my iPod whenever a song of theirs comes on, but not this time. I let it play through. My head didn't explode, but I'm scared. My tolerance level has gotten too high. I'll just tell myself it happened because Bonnaroo is this weekend and I won't be there, so my mind was coping by giving me a taste of what I would be missing. Sure. Just keep telling yourself that. Everything will be fine.

Still, Boyd Tinsley is a fantastic performer. I could watch him play the violin all day.

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