Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Earworm: The Middle

I'll take the easy route today. No matter what song is running through my head, on most days "The Middle" is somewhere right behind it.

I drove to Madison to see some friends one weekend in 1999 and while I was there, someone gave me a copy of Clarity by Jimmy Eat World. I was hooked after one listen and played it several times on the drive back to Minneapolis.

Two years later I was at a record store for the midnight release of Bleed American. I took off the plastic wrap, popped in the disc and was immediately drawn to "The Middle." If any song was going to get them noticed, that was it. I was right.

Bleed American played constantly for the next six months. It was my soundtrack to the end of Minneapolis, my short stay in Florida, and the beginning of Tennessee. Like Clarity before it, each song sounded like it was written specifically for me.

Jimmy Eat World have released two more albums since then, one of which I didn't care for and one that I liked quite a bit. Rumor has it that they will release a new album in September They just announced that a new album titled Invented will be released on September 28, just in time for my birthday. I don't really go to midnight release parties anymore, but will definitely be online to pick it up.

Wow, I had forgotten all about the underwear video. Peer pressure sucks, kids.

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Lauren said...

Freaking LOVE that song - and most of Jimmy Eat World. Fabulous anthem to be yourself.