Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Earworm: Only One

Despite being pretty much just another band riding the alt-pop sound (but with a violinist), Yellowcard is responsible for making one of my favorite entries into the soundtrack of years past. Ocean Avenue was a fantastic album, a perfect entry to be placed into the summer of 2003 time capsule. It was full of mixtape-worthy songs, and had the fortune of coming out right before the emo bubble burst and every single band was making that same sound.

The album that followed, Lights and Sounds didn't hold a single appealing moment for me and the band fell off my radar completely. Apparently they put out one album after that, 2007's Paper Walls, which got great reviews. I don't remember hearing anything about it until now. I guess I'll have to check it out soon. Hopefully my tastes haven't changed too much to enjoy it.

While the whole Ocean Avenue album was excellent from start to finish, the "Only One" single was by far the standout track for me. It was the sound of every breakup I went through up until that point, even going so far as replacing "Pictures of You" by the Cure for a few seasons. I went through a stint of listening to it again when my then-girlfriend and I split up in the summer of 2008, only to come back together a few months later. The song perfectly scored our breakup, as well as our reconciliation. It even made its way onto our wedding playlist. I'm really glad she took me back.

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