Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Earworm: Seeing Double at the Triple Rock

When I left Minnesota there was a relatively new dive bar that I would occasionally hang out at called the Triple Rock Social Club. I didn't really like it there at the time. The back room was a decent size, but to get there I had to go through the front door and down a very narrow walkway past the bar. There wasn't much room to move between the bar stools and the wall, and the other patrons liked to sit with their stools pushed back as far as possible and glare if I bumped into them.

Apparently that all changed after I left. I guess they expanded and added a stage in 2003 where every band that I wish would come Knoxville but would never play here in a million years plays.

I actually had no idea about the expansion until I heard "Seeing Double at the Triple Rock," an ode to the bar from the 2006 NoFX album Wolves in Wolves' Clothing. The song describes the revelry and debauchery that I miss so much about my city. I'll mark that in the "pros" column in trying to talk my wife into moving up north. She will still refuse.

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Lauren said...

Nope! Not moving!