Monday, July 19, 2010

Earworm: Together

I miss '80s television. I really do. There was something wonderful about sitting right in front of the TV in my sleeping bag with all my He-Man and Star Wars toys around me.

Watching Silver Spoons was a weekly tradition in my house, at least for me. I remember watching some shows with my parents, but can't recall ever sitting down for an episode of Silver Spoons with them. All I know is it was on right before my bedtime, and that I had to fight to stay up through the closing credits. I seem to remember there being a little more show either during or right after the credits rolled. That's probably why I sit through every movie until I'm the last one in the theater, too.

The Silver Spoons house was every kid's dream. I always wanted the duck phone.

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Lauren said...

You still sit in front of the TV surrounded by your He-Man toys...