Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Earworm: All I Wanna Do

I used to like Sheryl Crow. She made music like "All I Wanna Do" that was fun to listen to while sitting out on the porch and having a beer or two. Or at least it seemed like it would have been, back when I was in high school and not yet imbibing in alcoholic beverages. She even went a little darker with stuff that I actually enjoyed for a spell like "If It Makes You Happy" and "My Favorite Mistake."

Everything changed in the early 2002 when she released C'mon C'mon. I was working at a certain big-box electronics store  at the time, and the company was sponsoring her tour. It seemed like "Soak Up the Sun" and "Steve McQueen" played on the televisions every five minutes. Those were some dark days, when it was all I could do to not stab myself in the ear before the end of my shift. My time there soured my appreciation for anything that Sheryl Crow touched from then on, and destroyed her back catalog for me as well.

I occasionally get a little nostalgic when I hear "All I Wanna Do" from time to time, but quickly come to my senses and leave the room or change the station. This one is going to take a while to expel from my head.

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