Friday, September 3, 2010

Earworm: Brick By Boring Brick

Hooray for continuity! Yesterday's Hayley Williams earworm managed to get "Brick By Boring Brick" stuck in my head for the rest of the day. I used to not like Paramore at all, considering them to be a pale imitation of music that I did like, yet acknowledged that I probably would have really enjoyed their music if it was new when I was in high school. Then came "Decode," a song from the Twilight soundtrack, and it wasn't so bad. This is a big admission, since I despise anything to do with Twilight. Vampires are evil and burn up in the sun. Kids today haven't see The Lost Boys. End of story.

Upon finding that song, I started taking more notice. Hayley Williams sounds a lot like Monique Powell from Save Ferris, a ska band that was a lot of fun around the turn of the century.

My wife asked me to get the new Paramore album for her, and I obliged. It took me a while to give it a shot, but I couldn't get through more than the first half of the album before pressing rewind and listening to track four, "Brick By Boring Brick," again and again. It caught me completely by surprise, to the point where I'm not sure if I have made it through the rest of the album yet. I'm pretty sure that I have by now, but really can't remember. That one song keeps drawing me back in for more.

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Anonymous said...

edward is awesome! he sparkles live in the forest and doesnt hurt people! he's obviously a fairy ;)