Monday, September 13, 2010

Earworm: Monsters Rule, O.K.

It's almost Halloween season! Well, October is closer than, you know, July, so that's close enough. Screw it. I'm writing about a song from The Monster Club, an absolutely terrible anthology film full of Halloweeny goodness. It arrived from Netflix a month or so ago, and while I didn't care for much of the movie itself, the soundtrack was absolutely awesome, as were the accompanying scenes in the titular hot spot. The sheer volume of cheap masks in the opening scene must have completely cleared out the local drug store.

Today's song in question is "Monsters Rule O.K." by a band called the Viewers. Once again, I don't feel like doing much more than a basic Google and Wikipedia search for details, and I'm coming up empty-handed. As far as I know, the two versions from the soundtrack are the only songs that the Viewers released. That's fine by me, as they pretty much sound like a clone of the J. Geils Band yet apparently influenced every band that I currently love.

It seems that the soundtrack did exist on vinyl at one point, but has been lost over the years. Luckily, some fantastic blogger saw fit to rip the songs from the special features of the DVD (the entire soundtrack was presented on the disc, uncut) and make it available to the masses. I found it right after I watched the movie, and it has been on my iPod ever since.

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