Friday, October 29, 2010

Earworm: Give It All

I'll make this brief. Rise Against is one of my favorite bands. Their later stuff doesn't do much for me anymore, but throw on "Give It All" and I'll slam-dance into anything in sight.

When Siren Song of the Culture Culture was still new, I was going to Atlanta to see Alkaline Trio in concert. The ticket said "Alkaline Trio with special guests the Masquerade," and I figured that the Masquerade was the name of the opening act. Upon pulling into town, I found out that it was actually the name of the venue. Fair enough, right? The only problem was that I still didn't know who was opening. It wasn't until we were walking up to the door that I saw Rise Against listed on the marquee. I pretty much lost my shit right there. It was one of the best concerts that I have ever seen.

This sixth-grade book report was brought to you by music. Pass it on!

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