Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Earworm: Layla

It took me a long time to get into Eric Clapton. Sure, I think that he is important in the history of rock music, and I know a metric ton of his songs now, but I really wasn't familiar with him until the MTV Unplugged album came out. That introduced me to a couple of songs that would go on to be staples at every single school dance from that point. In hindsight, "Tears in Heaven" was pretty creepy as a slow-dance number, but the reworked "Layla" was an instant classic.

It took me several more years to actually hear the original version of "Layla" by Clapton's group Derek and the Dominos. My mind was blown. Here was this singer who I only knew as an adult-contemporary artist making some of the most electrifying rock music that I had ever heard. Kids, take note: This is how it's done.

The entire reason "Layla" got stuck in my head? I was cutting the dog's nails while Dancing with the Stars was on in the background. It was a backing track for the episode.

Crap, I probably shouldn't have mentioned that. Oh well.

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