Saturday, November 6, 2010

Earworm: Pink Triangle

Okay, so I picked up the new reissue of Weezer's 1997 album Pinkerton earlier in the week. It is one of my favorite albums ever made, but the five(!) different versions of "Pink Triangle" is just too much to handle in one sitting. It got to the point where I thought that if I ever heard the song again that I would absolutely lose my mind.

I think that this is a testament to the power of the first two Weezer albums, but all it took was 12 hours and I was already okay with hearing it again. "We are All on Drugs" from 2005's Make Believe? That is definitely one that I can go my entire life without ever hearing again. I don't think that Rivers Cuomo can ever make up the ground he lost after that train wreck. Blech.

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