Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Earworm: Silver Shamrock

In a further effort to get Christmas music out of my head, I watched Halloween III: Season of the Witch yesterday. It got the job done. Now I have the "Silver Shamrock" theme running through my head on a constant loop.

Upon my first viewing in the mid-1990s, I thought that the only Halloween entry to not feature Michael Myers was a worthless pile of stupidity that wasn't worth the film it was printed on. It has since become one of my favorite B-movies. I now choose to treat it as if it were an extended episode of Tales from the Darkside. It holds up better that way.

Try. Just try to think of anything but the "Silver Shamrock" after watching the video. Your mind bridging the gap to "London Bridge Is Falling Down" or "London Bridge" by Fergie doesn't count.

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