Friday, January 7, 2011

Earworm: Animal

I was totally going to talk about "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga as the best song of 2010, but I've written about it before and it came out in 2009. Check and mate. This wasn't working well, since it wouldn't stop running through my head. I don't force the Earworm. It just happens. Luckily, "Animal" by Neon Trees started running through my head. I know I have the album, but can't think of a single son on the rest of it. "Animal" is that good of a single. Like the best songs, it still feels like it's my little secret, even with its Platinum-sales status. It's a great, great song.

I hadn't seen the band live until they performed "Animal" on Conan in the first few weeks of his new show. The lead singer was ridiculously douchey to the point of becoming charming. He's like the Anti-Hipster, and also looks an awful lot like my old roommate. I can dig it.

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