Friday, January 28, 2011

Earworm: Get Out of My House

I love a lot of ska. Nothing is better in small doses. Tell that to myself 15 years ago and I would have laughed at you. Not because I didn't like ska back then, but at the small doses thing. Back then my life's radio station's tagline would have been Geoff FM: ALL SKA, ALL THE TIME.

I was thinking that today's earworm was going to be a hard one to find. Hell, I was even willing to risk copyright infringement, as I'm pretty sure that no one has ever heard this song. Fair public use, right? But no, MySpace came through in a pinch. Mr. Cranky has a MySpace page! I don't have the time to search further, but I will happily post a link to the song from his page.

Mr. Cranky's "Get Out of My House" is today's earworm. I hope he enjoys the publicity.


Matt Cranky said...

You're pretty sure that no one's heard this track before? LOL even The Business reference the Mr Cranky version in the liner notes of one of their comps.

Cheers for the play,

Matt Cranky

Geoff said...

I had no idea that Matt had commented on my post, nor that "Get Out of My House" was a cover!

Matthew G. Phillips said...

This is the famous Business version:
which is itself a cover of this obscure pub rock track: