Monday, January 31, 2011

Earworm: Thundercats

How did it take this long? I went through childhood watching lots of cartoons, but two stick out in my mind more than anything else. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, which I'm sure will be covered in a novella-length post sometime in the future, and Thundercats. In an effort to make me play outside, I was allowed one half hour after school to watch television. I chose wisely, filling my 30 minutes with the adventures of Lion-O and his posse. The show hasn't aged well, with stilted lines like, "Oh no, the bridge, it is, co-laps-ing!" That was paraphrased from the first episode that I caught during my first year of college, when Thundercats had made its way onto Cartoon Network's Toonami block.

I remember being surprised at the time of catching that first episode and recognizing the voice of Panthro as Earle Hyman, who played one of several grandfathers on The Cosby Show. It's the first time that I remember putting a face with a cartoon voice, and it sparked my interest in doing voiceover work.

There's a remake in the works, and I am really looking forward to it. The 2002 remake of Masters of the Universe was pure awesome, so I figure that an anime-styled update to Thundercats must be better than the god-awful Transformers Animated series from a couple years ago. I couldn't even make it through the series premiere of that one, but I have high hopes this time around.

None of this got the Thundercats theme song stuck in my head though. That was finding out that James Lipton of Inside the Actors' Studio wrote the theme song. I had no idea, and my world has been officially rocked.

I don't think that I have written "Thundercats" in italics enough in today's post. Thundercats, Thudercats, Thundercats...ho.

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