Monday, February 21, 2011

Earworm: Heartbeats

Today shall be a study in how my train of thought works. Yesterday the Mrs. and I were driving around, listening to "Punching in a Dream" by the Naked and Famous. They make great driving music, if you haven't heard them. We both agree that it's what we had hoped MGMT's second album had sounded like.

Continuing on, I suddenly got it in my head that the vocals sound an awful lot like another band that I love, but I couldn't put my finger on who it was. It's times like this that drive my wife nuts, since I will then take the opportunity to play a song over and over on repeat until I can figure it out. This usually only takes one or two repetitions, but sometimes can last for days. Luckily, this one fell somewhere in the middle.

So we started with "Punching in a Dream."

That went on for several more play throughs, until suddenly I shouted out, "You know, the lady in the black bird mask!" while making a beak-like gesture with my hand. My wife had no idea what I was talking about, but then proceeded to post what I had said as her Facebook status.

After several more minutes of not being able to place it, I remembered that it was a cover of a song that was originally by a singer with a Spanish name. My mind kept making me shout out "Alejandro! Alejandro! Alejandro Escovedo!" like some sort of bizarre, musically-inclined form of tourette's syndrome. I don't think that one warranted a Facebook post though.

Finally, after forcing my mind to start its association game, it clicked. Superballs! The original version was used in that Sony Bravia Superball commercial!

My brain was partially right. The name was Spanish, but I remembered that it was by Jorge Garcia. Then my brain proceeded to punch itself, since Jorge Garcia played Hurley on Lost. José González. That's the name.

One quick iTunes search later (I had moved onto playing other songs by this point) and I was reminded that the song is called "Heartbeats," and the version that I love is by the Knife, a Swedish band that sounds like they're straight out of my gothy-club days.

Oh, and to tie everything together, ladies and gentlemen, bird masks:

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