Friday, February 4, 2011

Earworm: I'm Not Scared

I can't find a clip of today's earworm. Years ago someone gave me couple of VeggieTales toys. One was a tomato that would turn the other cheek by saying "God thinks you're special and he loves you very much!" whenever he was thrown on the floor. I'm not the intended audience, but something about that makes me smile.

The other toy was a stalk of asparagus in a night cap that said "I'm not scared!" and then sang a little song. It was cute, and its eyes glowed like the Glo-Worms of yesteryear. What was scary was that as the batteries ran out, the end of the song became warped, sounding like some sort of undead monster waiting to pull a little kid under the bed.

I can't find the toy right now, but if I could it would be all over today's blog. I will never forget its song of hope and dismay. The message comes from good intentions.


Anonymous said...

the asparagus was on the bedside table in your guest room last time i was there!

Geoff said...

I will happily take the gift of AAA batteries.