Saturday, March 5, 2011

Earworm: Crazy Train

Okay, so I was walking around the strip last night, which is the University of Tennessee's destination for drunken debauchery. I'm far too old to be there now, as I have at least ten years on most of the kids that are running around and yelling. A friend dragged me into an absolutely packed, popular establishment in hopes that he would be able to grab a quick drink. That didn't happen, as the fake IDs were flying just as fast as the beer was flowing.

We gave up and headed to a little hole in the wall filled with classic-arcade games called the Fort Sanders Yacht Club. That's my kind of place it's quiet and isn't overrun by grog-swilling frat boys. I played a metric shit-ton of the original Super Mario Bros. Good times were had by all.

Upon leaving the bar, a douchetastic cover band was playing Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train" on a neighboring patio. It drove Bayside right out of my head, although they're fighting to reclaim the top spot.

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