Thursday, March 17, 2011

Earworm: Dunkie Butt

I'm not sure which one she hates more, but I'm pretty sure that my wife's two least-favorite songs in the universe are "Freaxxx" by Brokencyde and "Dunkie Butt" by 12 Gauge. I can't blame her. It's a terrile, terrible song, and one that I had to play on a very regular basis in my DJ days.
Wow, 12 Gauge released three albums on two record labels. I don't know any other of his songs, and am pretty sure that 99% of the general public doesn't either. I'm pretty sure no one is shedding a tear over that one. Well, maybe 12 Gauge himself, but no one else.

Hmm. I wonder if Lil Jon was affiliated with "Dunkie Butt" at all. It was originally released in 1993, which fits in with the time when he was with So So Def records, and there's a little sample that sounds an awful lot like his trademark "Yeeaaah!" The Atlanta connection may be too close to ignore.

Hmm. Apparently two videos were made, but only one of them can be embedded. Oh well.

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