Sunday, April 3, 2011

Earworm: Bring It

Okay, so Sunday is my day to check out the latest albums while I'm doing yard work.

Now, I like the Sounds. They're fun, and the comparisons to Blondie are unavoidable. That's fine. Unfortunately, the new album is pure crap. Imagine the worst of Debbie Harry's solo career and turn up the suck to 11. That's the new Sounds album in a nutshell. halfway through and I already felt like I had been listening to it for two hours. I finally made it through the whole thing, but will probably never press play on it again. I just want that thing off of my iPod.

Oh, today's earworm. Maja Ivarsson, the lead singer of the Sounds had a supporting role in "Bring It", the lead single from Cobra Starship. I figured that they were a one-time thing, and I loved the song when it was released in conjunction with Snakes on a Plane. They have released three full-length albums and have since become one of my favorite guilty-pleasure bands. It's not often that I actually enjoy party music, but I'll make an exception for Cobra Starship every time.

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