Saturday, April 30, 2011

Earworm: Sing Your Life

Wow, I can't believe that "Sing Your Life" is 20 years old. Kill Uncle may not be the most popular of Morrissey's albums, but I love it. It was the first one that was brand new for me. I dragged my dad to the record store and plunked down my hard-earned allowance for the cassette. I know that it made up the soundtrack to my chicken-pox misery, relying on Mozz to distract me from the itchiness that was ravaging my pubescent body. I never thought that I would write a sentence like that. It'll work though.

The end of that year was when I got that first CD player, and Kill Uncle was soon forgotten until I got a disc copy years later. I now agree that it's one of Morrissey's weakest albums, but I will always carry songs like "Sing Your Life" with me, just like I carried my copy of the cassette to Great Clips in hopes that my hair could replicate his.

Dammit, the song plays automatically every time my blog opens if I embed the video. Here's a link instead.

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